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2021 saw a mass experimentation among artists trying to marry aspects of 3D design into 2D and vice versa.
Mental Canvas is one such application that allows you to create 2D sketches in a 3D space - or even adapt layers of an existing file and import it into a 3D space of your design.

Coincidentally, I had just completed watching How I Met Your Mother for the first time (ikr, too late to the fandom) and my mind was swimming with the feels from the scene where Tracy plays La vie en rose.

Enjoy my attempt to bring this moment frozen in TV time, to life:
(watch with audio on for best experience)

Take a BTS look at what the scene looks like outside the bounds of the video:


A Get-To-Know-Radz Moment:
When it's my first time using any software, I like to pick a project that's just complex enough for me to go all-out and get comfortable with the features (it is also such a stronger rush when it's one focused project, I could pull back to back all-nighters and not feel exhausted at all).

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